Vi bygger lidt om

Vi er i fuld gang med at bygge lidt om på hjemmesiden.

Der er ting som vil blive fjernet og tilføjet og nogle ting vil måske blive flyttet lidt rundt.

Vi håber i vil synes om det nye design og indhold.

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Recover ancient artifacts of legend and take the fight to the Burning Legion. Azeroth’s future depends on you!
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The Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Arrives July 20

The skies over Azeroth are growing darker. . . .

The Legion pre-expansion patch is arriving on July 20, and we wanted to give you a heads up about what to expect—and when you can expect it.

This update will include a wide variety of features and content that set the stage for the expansion, including system changes, quality-of-life improvements, and major in-game events. Some of these features will be available immediately, while other content will be unlocked in the weeks leading up to the expansion’s launch. Read on for more details.

The Opening Salvo

When the pre-expansion patch initially goes live, players will be able to immediately access many of its key system-related features. Some of these major updates include:

Transmogrification Updates
The new Transmogrification Collecti...

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Find us on Curse

You can now find us on Curse

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Vi holder en ugenlig Giveaway.

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